About Us


One day, there was an Academy that was able to inject words and grammar rules into the human subconscious. So the person could speak English fluently as a mother tongue within 8 months without such hard effort, they had really weird technics in achieving this.

Meanwhile linguists have discovered that any new vocabulary or structure was heard or said by a person for 70 times in different context, it settles deep in subconscious& will never be forgotten.

So we’ve gathered all English words & grammar rules used in daily life and we wrote thousands of different stories, then we created the best suitable atmosphere for practice, we let the students hear,understand and retell those stories in the class, to other students & in front of the camera and other people all around’em.

Now, the new language is in your subconscious, you’re a native like speaker.


Our Task

We work on improving the 4 language skills using multiple acquisition approaches, we’re proven to elevate basic language skills& related sub skills as well up to

Speaking : 94%


Listening : 97%


Reading : 92%


Writing : 90%



A successful team
beats with one heart
We are an Academic, hard-working, talented and creative team, who enjoy coming to work every single day in high spirits to fascinate the world.
We are NotCourses.